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Fed Up With Loud Music, Man Invents AI Machine To Hack And Silence Neighbors’ Audio system


Ever had a neighbor whose style in music makes you query if silence is only a fable? Yeah, we’ve all been there. When earplugs failed and well mannered requests have been ignored, Roni Bandini took issues into his personal tech-savvy fingers. Think about turning the tables on these limitless reggaeton beats with out even leaving your sofa. Right here’s how one man’s quest for peace become a Raspberry Pi-powered showdown.

He rigged a Raspberry Pi to mess with any reggaeton tunes by scrambling the sound on close by Bluetooth audio system. Tech-savvy problem-solving at its best.

Roni Bandini

The Raspberry Pi, a compact and inexpensive single-board laptop, packs all necessities like a processor and reminiscence onto one tiny circuit board. Utilizing this nifty gadget, a man crafted an AI system to detect reggaeton music and dial down the sound high quality of audio system round him, all to flee his neighbor’s relentless tunes.

Roni used a USB microphone related to his Raspberry Pi to detect the loud music.

Picture by Anthony 🙂

Raspberry Pis are versatile microcomputers that may deal with something from coding schooling to being a desktop PC—and now, Roni’s private noise management unit. He educated an AI on his Pi with a bunch of reggaeton tracks so it may acknowledge the style. With a USB mic plugged into the Pi, he arrange his tech to hear in and take motion in opposition to his neighbor’s booming beats.

Upon recognizing reggaeton, the system makes the speaker’s sound mimic a damaged radio.

Picture by Ketut Subiyanto

Roni Bandini, a artful maker and developer, leveraged two key items of software program to deal with his loud music dilemma: the Raspberry Pi OS, performing because the Pi’s mind, and Edge Impulse for sample recognition. In an interview with El Observador, he shared how his setup begins to jam a Bluetooth speaker as soon as reggaeton is detected, turning the tunes into one thing akin to a busted radio. Whereas his dream is to chop the speaker’s connection fully, for now, he’s fairly happy with simply making the reggaeton insufferable sufficient for his neighbor to change it off.

Roni’s “Reggaeton Be Gone” mission stirred fairly a mixture of reactions. Created as an experimental hack, it walks a high quality line with legality worldwide. Some see it as a humorous tackle self-defense in opposition to noise air pollution, whereas others criticize it for encouraging delinquent techniques.

Followers cheered for its inventiveness, with many hoping for variations focusing on different music genres like hip-hop and nation. But, amidst the laughs and approval, there’s concern this might result in extra dangerous tech retaliations, hinting at a slippery slope from playful devices to outright vandalism instruments.

The invention left fairly a number of people skeptical.





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