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Star Trek: Discovery Is Now Linked to a Franchise-Defining Subsequent Technology Episode


Again within the Sixties, the explanation for these similarities was easy. The Authentic Collection had very restricted budgets, which meant that Gene Roddenberry couldn’t get so loopy with alien designs. And whereas larger budgets for the films and The Subsequent Technology allowed for the Klingons to grow to be extra advanced designs, they nonetheless stay similar to people.

Whereas the truth that most aliens in Star Trek are humanoids by no means actually bothered most followers, a season six episode of TNG supplied a proof for why so many races are so related on this universe. Written by Joe Menosky and Ronald D. Moore and directed by Jonathan Frakes, “The Chase” despatched the Enterprise on an archeological quest that Captain Picard couldn’t resist.

Following the work of his mentor Professor Galen, Picard discovers materials from a founding species known as the Progenitors, whose genetic code has been transmitted into numerous successor races, accounting for his or her similarities. Because the Enterprise searches for the lacking DNA fragment in that code, it finds different vessels on the identical path. Working collectively, the people, Klingons, Cardassians, and Romulans discover a holographic projection of one of many Progenitors. This determine explains the shared historical past of the gathered delegates, and expresses their individuals’s want that the connection would create peace within the universe.

After all, that peace between the gathered races doesn’t happen till the Dominion Battle in Deep Area 9, which noticed the assorted teams band collectively to battle invaders from the Gamma Quadrant. However given the fractured state of the universe in the thirty second century of Discovery, the time may be proper for an additional try at cooperation.

Kovach’s speech to Burnham consists of pictures from “The Chase,” together with a close-up of one of many Romulan scientists who participated within the search. Dr. Vellek, “one of many biggest scientists of his day,” based on Kovich. It was Vellek’s journal that the Discovery has been searching for, after being stolen from an historical Romulan vessel by thieves Moll and L’ak. Why is it so essential? The journal comprises the placement of the equipment that the Progenitors used to create life.

We don’t know a lot about this weapon but, however Trekkies can not assist however recall the Genesis system from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Genesis may create life but in addition be used as a weapon. The second episode of Discovery‘s fifth season “Beneath the Twin Moons” finds the crew wrestling with that realization relating to the Progenitor, as they search the planet Lyrek for Moll and L’ak.




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