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The ‘Love Is Blind’ Bean Dip Joke, Defined


Season 6 of Love is Blind is as dramatic as ever, and issues are solely ramping up. The second portion of the season launched on Feb. 21 to an keen viewers, and noticed because the {couples} shifted from the nice and cozy glow of their collective honeymoon into the harsh actuality of the actual world.

Earlier than they may even return to their common lives, nonetheless, issues have been beginning to take a flip. Within the sixth episode of the season, titled “Feeling Uncomfy,” what began as a joke rapidly blossomed into jealousy and irritation, and led to arguments between a number of of the forged members.

It was all prompted by a pod joke between the women which, as soon as it unfold to the fellows, grew to become a a lot larger problem. Many viewers have probably by no means heard the time period “bean dip” earlier than, however any lady with locker room expertise has loads of background on the act itself.

What does “bean dip” imply?

Love is Blind
Picture through Netflix

The precise time period used for the poorly delivered “joke” seen in episode 6 is unfamiliar to me, however as soon as AD described it, I knew precisely what she was speaking about. However first, some background. It’s clear that Laura launched the opposite women to the idea of “bean dip” whereas within the pods, and — amongst pleasant ladies — it was nothing greater than a humorous quirk.

The concept behind Laura’s bean dip is straightforward: It’s simply smacking one other girl’s breast. Not exhausting, essentially, however as soon as up, after which from the aspect or high, in a fast double-hit reminisce of a cat. Or… possibly somebody grabbing bean dip? I’m unsure the place the correlation lies.

Regardless, anybody who participated in a sport or grew up with older sisters has probably had her titties knocked round a few times, and — for these okay with it — its a humorous, if sometimes painful, change. As soon as males get in on it, nonetheless, the lighthearted humor tends to vanish.

That’s the place the issue arose on Love is Blind. Laura had clearly educated the opposite ladies on “bean dip” forward of their honeymoons, and sooner or later she clued her fiancé, Jeramey, in on the joke. That’s all nicely and good, however the place Laura slipped up was in encouraging Jeramey to provide AD a very good bean dipping. That will have been massively inappropriate, notably throughout each of their honeymoons, and fortunately Jeramey realized that.

What he didn’t understand, nonetheless, was that he would nonetheless trigger issues by bringing it up. He talked about Laura’s request to AD and her fiancé, clearly intending it as a joke, however Clay was not happy on the thought. He talked about to Laura that, whereas AD was not offended, he was, and the ensuing argument soured the occasions of the night.

On the finish of the day, the “bean dip” joke is foolish, immature, and comparatively innocent, however its simple to see how bringing it up in that atmosphere went poorly. Women, its in all probability superb if you happen to’d prefer to strive the transfer out — with consent — in your feminine associates, however possibly don’t make issues awkward by bringing it up in public.

Laura’s response to the ‘bean dip’ fallout

Laura - Love is Blind
Picture through Netflix

All the bean dip incident largely pale into the background of Love is Blind season 6 by the latter half of the season, however Laura did deal with the backlash it spurred throughout her look on the reunion. On the tail finish of her cameo within the reunion, Laura took time to apologize to each AD and Clay for being a part of the difficulty within the first place.

Admitting to being a “goofball,” Laura notes that she meant “no disrespect” with the joke, and emphasised how sorry she was to have proven any disrespect to AD. Highlighting that she loves each AD and Clay to bits, Laura polished off her apology by stating that “it was a joke that was simply taken utterly out of context and I’m sorry.”




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