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Ben Frost: Scope Neglect Album Overview


What if 4’33” went to 11? That’s one thought experiment posed by Ben Frost’s radical new album of deconstructed metallic, during which the riffs are solely as vital because the silence that yawns between them. Unusual issues occur within the interstices: Microsecond-long reverb tails assume an virtually bodily type, jutting out in opposition to the vacuum in eerie bas-relief. Wisps of electrical energy sweep by way of filters and phasers, leaving smudgy fingerprints. However flip it up loud sufficient to listen to these whisper-soft particulars and threat your neighbors’ wrath. This can be a brutally loud album, its low finish virtually steroidal; downstrokes are accompanied by walloping thwacks, rendering the guitar a percussive instrument as a lot as a tonal one. Few data—definitely few data that take their cues from the heaviest strains of metallic—can boast such an unlimited dynamic vary.

The guitar has lengthy performed a central position within the Australian-born, Iceland-based musician’s work. On his 2009 breakout, By the Throat, one of many first sounds we hear is a gravelly crunch acquainted from metallic and hardcore. Whereas the preparations cycle by way of strings, horns, choir, electronics, and even wolf growls, the telltale rumble of guitar distortion is rarely far off; the entire album feels perfumed by the smoke of burning Marshall stacks. Frost leaned even additional into each metallic grandeur and textural swirl on A U R O R A’s fuzzed-out snapshots of the elegant. However he’s by no means foregrounded the guitar fairly like he does right here. To create Scope Neglect he enlisted bassist Liam Andrews, of Australian post-punks My Disco, and Greg Kubacki, guitarist of the Lengthy Island progressive metallic band Automotive Bomb. It’s Kubacki’s taking part in that offers the album its distinctive character: His chugging, disembodied riffs are handled as seedlings, nourished by Frost’s digital remedies and left to blossom within the arid vacancy, like desert flowers sprung from sere volcanic soil.

Framing atonal bursts of guitar in opposition to inky silence, the album begins as a tug-of-war between being and nothingness. Extra prosaically, it seems like somebody making an attempt out gear in Guitar Middle—the riffs really feel tentative, disconnected, uninterested within the type of meaning-making that takes place when phrases are woven into an overarching continuity. However this Guitar Middle would additionally should be an anechoic chamber, an area so freed from extraneous noise you can hear the blood pumping by way of your individual veins. That’s the place the album’s profound strangeness begins to say itself—within the useless areas between the notes, the void that appears to swallow each sound as quickly because it’s been made.




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