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What Toranaga’s Plan For Blackthorne Actually Is


WARNING: This text accommodates SPOILERS for Shogun episode 3.


  • John Blackthorne is called Hatamoto by Toranaga, solidifying his place as a vassal and key ally.
  • Toranaga’s resignation from the Council of Regents thwarts Ishido’s plans and buys time for preparation.
  • Toranaga’s alliance with the Portuguese and Blackthorne’s position in coaching for warfare foreshadow upcoming conflicts.

Shōgun episode 3, “Tomorrow is Tomorrow,” ends with Toranaga solidifying his alliance with Blackthorne by giving the foreigner the title of Hatamato as Hiroyuki Sanada’s character prepares for warfare. Following the try on John Blackthorne’s life on the finish of Shōgun episode 2, Lord Toranaga realized it was now not secure to remain in Osaka. Whereas Yoshii couldn’t depart the fortress, he orchestrated a plan to flee throughout what was introduced to be his spouse’s exit from Osaka. Toranaga’s fakeout was ultimately uncovered, but it surely was already too late for Ishido to cease him.

Whereas Toranaga and his regime managed to flee Osaka, it didn’t come with no price. A number of samurai had been killed, together with Girl Mariko’s husband. Moreover, Toranaga needed to reduce a take care of the Portuguese retailers, though he was not glad about their base in Macau. Escaping was much more troublesome for Blackthorne, whose presence within the Black Ship was denied by the Portuguese. Because the plans and ambitions of Shōgun’s characters change into clear, episode 3 signifies {that a} warfare will quickly occur.

Shōgun’s John Blackthorne Is Now A Vassal Of Lord Toranaga

A closeup of John Blackthorne in Shogun episode 3

Shōgun’s John Blackthorne is now a vassal of Lord Toranaga’s fiefdom, that means he’ll now not be handled as a barbarian or foreigner by these in Toranaga’s circle. After proving not solely his loyalty to Toranana but additionally his expertise, John earned his place among the many lord’s allies. Greater than recognizing the braveness of the Anjin, Lord Toranaga naming John “Hatamoto” signifies that the English’s pilot expertise can now be integrated into Toranaga’s plan. The title of Hatamoto means guardian or protector of the flag, an honorable designation for a vassal that proves how essential John has change into.

Between Toranaga returning to Edo and John being enlisted to coach his lord’s regiment on European battleship methods, it’s clear {that a} warfare is about to begin in

Blackthorne’s first mission as a vassal of Toranaga might be to coach his regiment on overseas maritime expertise with which they don’t seem to be acquainted. The English navigator’s information might be important to organize Toranaga’s males for the battle that’s about to erupt, particularly as a result of the Japanese have solely just lately established commerce with the West via Portugal. Not solely will Blackthorne practice Toranaga’s samurai to battle on the ocean, however he will even educate some classes to Toranaga himself. Shōgun episode 3 ends with John instructing Yoshii learn how to correctly dive, a logo of their newly fashioned alliance.

What Lord Toranaga’s Resignation From The Council Of Regents Means

Lord Toranaga looks behind him during a meeting with other lords and samurai

Shōgun‘s newest episode reveals that Lord Toranaga has resigned from the Council of Regents, as knowledgeable to Lord Ishido by Toda Hiromatsu. Figuring out that he was about to be impeached, which might result in his loss of life, Toranaga quietly resigned from his position as regent. Naturally, this was solely revealed to Ishido and the remainder of the regents when Toranaga had already escaped from Osaka and was heading to Edo in security. Despite the fact that Ishido argued {that a} piece of paper wouldn’t cease them, any determination from the Council of Regents must be accepted by all 5 members.



Actual-Life Inspiration

Yoshii Toranaga

Hiroyuki Sanada

Tokugawa Ieyasu

John Blackthorne

Cosmo Jarvis

William Adams

Toda Mariko

Anna Sawai

Hosokawa Gracia

Kashigi Yabushige

Tadanobu Asano

Honda Masanobu

Kashigi Omi

Hiroto Kanai

Honda Masazumi

Ishido Kazunari

Takehiro Hira

Ishida Mitsunari

If Ishido and the opposite three lords settle for Toranaga’s resignation, they can not impeach him. Nonetheless, in the event that they ignore the resignation and preserve Toranaga’s title as they anticipate him to return, they won’t be able to get any determination accepted because the council will at all times be lacking a member. Lord Toranaga’s transfer was extremely sensible and put Ishido in examine. Whereas this doesn’t resolve the issue – Yoshii continues to be at risk and has no allies in Osaka – it does purchase him a while to organize for an eventual warfare.

Why The Portuguese Helped Lord Toranaga Fled From Osaka

Toranaga holding his sword during a battle in Shogun episode 3

Whereas Toranaga refused to grand the Portuguese’s Black Ship passage in Shōgun episode 2 after studying of their secret base in Macau, he and John Blackthorne ended up chopping a take care of the Jesuits. In alternate for his or her assist to flee Osaka in security aboard a ship, Toranaga would assure that the Black Ship might depart Japan for Macau with none repercussions. Toranaga’s provide additionally included a major quantity of silver, thus sealing an sudden partnership. With Toranaga and his allies boarding a Portuguese ship, there was not a lot Ishido might do to cease them.

Why Rodrigues Left John Get Forward Of The Ship

Rodrigues talking to Blackthorne on a ship in Shogun episode 1

Despite the fact that Toranaga and the Portuguese reached a deal, the latter demanded that Blackthorne would keep behind. The Protestant pilot had been a menace to the Catholic clergymen ever since his arrival in Japan, as John not solely briefed the Japanese on completely different international locations and religions from Europe but additionally revealed the existence of Portuguese bases within the area. Because of this John needed to search assist from the native fisherman and sail by himself to meet up with Black Ship. Nonetheless, Rodrigues, who might’ve left John approach behind the Portuguese ship, surprisingly left John to get forward of them.


Macao, Ronin & Portuguese Bases In Shogun Defined

John Blackthorne reveals the existence of a Portuguese army base off the coast of China that is been hiring ronin towards Japan for years.

John Blackthorne saved Rodrigues from dying within the storm in Shōgun episode 1 once they had been heading to Osaka collectively. The 2 characters had already fashioned a fast bond upon their first assembly, as Rodrigues was faithfully translating John’s phrases and didn’t attempt to get him killed. Rodrigues now had the possibility to depart John behind and finish the Englishman downside as soon as and for all however determined to pay his debt to the pilot. After John made it out of the blockade, Rodrigues acknowledged that they had been now even.

Why The Fishermen Helpd John Blackthorne

John Blackthorne saves a man from falling from a ship in Shogun episode 1

John’s expertise had been spectacular, however he wouldn’t have made it out of the harbor with out the assistance of the native fishermen. They helped John as a result of, in episode 1, they went via a storm collectively and managed to outlive with the assistance of the Anjin. This is identical motive why Rodrigues left John to get forward of their ship. Regardless of his capacity to trigger hassle, Blackthorne may make mates comparatively simply. The “captain-sama,” as John refers back to the captain of the fishermen’s boat, helped Blackthorne and Toranaga’s allies as quickly as they arrived.

What Occurred To Mariko’s Husband In Shōgun

A closeup of Toda Buntaro in samurai armor in Shogun episode 3

Mariko’s husband, the samurai Toda Buntaro, stayed behind to struggle Ishido’s males as the remainder of Toranaga’s regiment boarded the ship. Whereas Buntaro’s loss of life occurs offscreen, it’s secure to say the character died whereas combating to purchase his household and allies time. Toda Buntaro’s loss of life in Shōgun was foreshadowed earlier within the episode when John requested Mariko about her husband, to which she replied saying he’s a really honorable and skillful warrior.

Why Toranaga Is Going To Edo At The Finish Of Shōgun Episode 3

Hiroyuki Sanada as Lord Toranaga in Shogun in front of ships arriving in Japan
Customized picture by Sam MacLennan

Whereas Tokugawa Ieyasu, the actual historic determine on which Yoshii Toranaga is predicated, was born within the Mikawa Province, he constructed his fortress in Edo, which might later be generally known as Tokyo. Much like his actual phrase counterpart, Lord Toranaga was raised as a hostage however later consolidated his energy in Edo. All of Shōgun up till this level has proven Toranaga in Osaka, by which he was type of a hostage once more because of the fixed menace of being impeached. After fleeing Osaka and realizing how delicate the scenario is, Toranaga will now regroup in his fortress.

Shōgun Episode 3 Confirms A Conflict Is About To Begin

Between Toranaga returning to Edo and John being enlisted to coach his lord’s regiment on European battleship methods, it’s clear {that a} warfare is about to begin in Shōgun. No matter his resignation from the Council of Regents, Toranaga continues to be a significant menace to Ishido and the Christian lords. Contemplating the historic occasions by which Shōgun is predicated, it’s secure to say the present will ultimately characteristic some large, large-scale battles with important implications for the way forward for Japan. This makes Shōguns upcoming episodes much more thrilling.

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